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Before buying any of the full versions, it is important to know if the game will adapt properly to the mobile device.

We recommend you try the free version first.

Also check the technical data.
Terms of Use / Privacy Policy.
Technical Data
Terms of Use / Privacy Policy.

The terms itemized here have complementary character for the generally published to the website.

Our games have the exclusive character of fun and entertainment, without requiring infirm participation in the proposed activities on the site.

The features offered on the site (owpoga.com) is provided courtesy of the developers and have no connection with the acquisition of the games.These feature are offered free to all users of the system and thus be, may be disabled at any time without notice.

By purchasing one of our games, whether free or not, you agree to accept the terms described herein as well as the observation and proposed rules for the use of our products.

The rankings system is a feature that may or may not be used by the player, not being in any way required.The player / user understands that this feature is subject to change and or adapatções to improve desenpenho and display, as well as others offered on the site.In special cases the owpoga.com system can remain fully or partially down for realizaçãoes updates and or alterations deemed nescessário without nesceccidade prior notice.Resources (proposed activities on the site) is provided courtesy that may or may not follow (being linked) our games.

All data collected in our system are for the exclusive use of Owpoga system and serve only to check user statistics to better understand the nescessidades and desires of the users.

(See terms of use for the site)

(See site's privacy policies)

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If you are here it is because our games aroused interest in you, or someone you love very much. Thank you! We hope you enjoy them as much as we do for them.

You probably want to know more about their safety or their while connected to our games through your mobile.
Things like age limits, privacy etc. They are very valid concerns all, and we are here to ensure you get the support you need.

To make sure you can enjoy ZoomBee games in a safe and controlled environment, we dedicate a clear set of principles to serve the player and us as well:

  • We respect our players, directing our efforts to make the most fun games for them to enjoy. We will never sacrifice the quality of the game for any other short-term considerations.

  • We want you to be in total control of your experience with ZoomBee games. This means that before you or your child download our games, you should receive direct information about the content of the game.
    This means it should be entirely clear when you are about to do to perform an action of any kind.

  • If you or your child possibly have any problems with our games, guides like this may axiliá it, and you can contact us to report your problem.Purchases of games are made exclusively via Google Play purchases and processing refunds.

Read on as we try to cover what could be their most likely questions. If we missed something, send an email to: suporte.owpogagmail.com.
In his e-mail, be sure to " include all the specific details that may be useful " as what happened and when, relevant screenshots, etc.

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If you are familiar with our games, you can also check our support pages for questions about your game or device.
All versions of the games have explanatory resources on how to use them correctly, go to About, Tips and Rules in the initial teal games. There you can read key information on how the game works.

What are the age limits and conditions of ZoomBee games?

All our games are made for any age (free listing) do not produce any content (image, sound, tactics) that stimulate inappropriate practices, laws and vioalação or inappropriate behavior and or violent.
Our games are perfect for children and adults, developing manual skills the extent to which more practiced (muscle memory), in addition they also stimulate:
  • Taken capacity of quick decisions;
  • Risk/benefit analysis;
  • Part-time administration (immediate);
  • Total time of administration (cumulative);
  • Event management that are random, (those over which we have no control, also called "luck" or randomness);
  • Perseverance thus learned not to give up our goals the first obstacles that come before us;
  • Capacity observation and detection patterns;
  • Focus maintainability amid potentially dispersing elements;

Please note: You can find age recommendations published on Google Play. However, these age classifications refer only to content on our games (like movie ratings USA,and they are related to the gameplay, animations, etc.). To learn more about how these categories are defined, you must visit these Google support site.

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What are the versions available?

All our games are distributed in three versions.
  • Free version with *ADs::
    With this version you can experience up to the level/stage 10, it does not have any interaction with our website and is equipped with advertisements display feature between each level / stage of the game.
    These advertisements are related exclusively to other games, they do not hinder the preview and gameplay.
    When watching a 15 second trailer only, you will be contributing to the development and maintenance of new games and features.

  • Full version with *ADs::
    This is a version with 50% discount for playing the 30 stages/levels unimpeded, permission to access ranks.
    When watching a 15 second trailer only, you will be contributing to the development and maintenance of new games and features.

  • Full version:
    This is the version without any conditional use, which allows you to play the 30 stages/levels without any hindrance, is free of promotional content.

You can get more details of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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The games do not have any shopping feature paid with real money or any other form of marketing.
They are not accessible "in play", meaning that there are no options to make a purchase within the game itself.

Important : If you have the feeling that the game is doing this procedure, please check if for some reason you've been redirected to a third party site.

Who handles in-app purchases?

Our games do not process payments anyway, this way we do not have any access to any information of your credit card and or personal data. This is because payment transactions themselves are completed through the Apple App Store or Google Play (depending on the device) through your personal email address associated with this account. Receipts for these transactions are sent to you by Apple or Google after every purchase (note that all post-purchase processes are controlled by Apple or Google and are subject to change for them).

I saw another site that offers products me in-game for games ZoomBee series. I can buy from them?

No, nobody is allowed to conduct sales resources to our games wherever.

Beware of third party sites that promise improvements to our games. These sites may collect your personal information, money, or both, and not deliver the products promised for the game, because as you know it does not exist in this series of games.

You must guide their children not to take any action outside the game without your permission.

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What is the Owpoga policy on privacy?

Your privacy is always on top of our minds. Here in Owpoga, we have no access to any information from your credit card. This is because payment transactions themselves are completed through the Apple App Store or Google Play (depending on the device), through your personal email address associated with this account. We will also always ask for your consent when it comes to sending direct marketing messages to your mobile device.

We will not sell or disclose your personal data to third parties for their own commercial purposes.

Read more in our Privacy Policy.

How can I Owpoga contact?

As we said, we are here to help! If you have further questions, send us an e-mail to: suporte.owpogagmail.com.

In his e-mail, be sure to include all the specific details that may be helpful as to what happened and when, relevant screenshots, etc..

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If you are familiar with our games, you can also check our support pages for questions about your game or device,Not pussuimos any forum or resource and gaming community.

We have a private chat room or modelidade in any of our games, and neither on our site.

Thank you for helping to make our games as fun and safe as possible!

- Your Owpoga friends.


They are advertising resources (third-party applications) that assist in funding for the development of our products.
In our games we are using one of the same creator of the software tool we use to develop the game and it proposes only disclose appropriate content to our customers.
This way you can apply discounts on the sale of our games.
They are beautiful HD game trailers, exclusive games, video 15 seconds.

When watching a 15 second trailer only, you will be contributing to the development and maintenance of new games and features.

When an end user connects to third-party sites or mobile sites, third-party applications, or any content, information or products from or provided by third parties (collectively the "Third Party Sites and Materials") through advertising service, We can not control the content or the functionality of such Third Party Sites and Materials (and it is just a passive conduit with respect thereto)
We do not endorse or approve Third Party Sites and materials that are in conflict with our Content Policy and privacy, accessed through these resources.
We are not responsible for such materials and or availability of third-party sites (functionality, content, advertising, products or services).

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The game interacts with some social network?

Our games do not make any kind of interaction with social networks and do not collect personal information and or equipment configurations (operating systems, resolutions, etc.).We just ask subtly (links) that users help us to spread the site and games through shares, this is a spontaneous event and the user's character, that is, it does only think should do.

If the game does not collect information because we do "Login" to send the results of a match?

The Login serves exclusively for the participation of the rankings in our system (owpoga.com), but for that you must carry out your registration directly on the site.
As you will see, membership in owpoga system is extremely simple, fast and does not solicit private information.

Our system does not have any resources linked social networks and nor is there claim to do this integration.
All data collected in our system are for the exclusive use of owpoga system (See terms of use for the site) and serve only to check user statistics to better understand the nescessidades and desires of the users.

Controls available?

Thinking about the rankings system, conditional add that allow parents to know what time your pissed are dedicated to the game.
Of course the ranking information "open" does not identify users by their real name, but by the character of the registered by them, therefore, parents should be careful to know what is thischaracter name used by their children.
The site also offers administrative resources of monitoring the activities proposed in the system registered by their users should they make use of them.

Some features of the site are not yet available, because as mentioned above, these are free, and that we did not have any financial support we are producing this material within the technical possibilities thatwe are able.

How you can help:

This is serious work that we're trying to do a reverse path than currently proposed many educational intitutions.
We would like very much to help us spread, but for this one precismos little more of his attention to the most delve on the subject so you really understand the purpose of the work.
Currently, many companies and educational institutions that are seeing in the games the opportunity to take advantage of these recusos as attractive for their courses.

It is good practice?
Yes, but they follow a pattern that is to try to make something pleasant ("bonds") that often fail to arouse our interest. Thinking that way decided to reverse the situation.

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In what way?

Simple, fun is much more attractive than the "obligation" por what the interest in gaming grows more than the interest in learning, by offering the first option above all invert this process.

What do you mean?

People play for your enjoyment and thereby obtaining pleasure through achievements and or admiration.
The achievements are obtained by performing tasks and proposals that are supposedly difficult to perform.

Admiration is the result of conquest, is the recognition by a well-executed task.

By understanding this, it will be easier to realize that using games as a complementary resource for learning is harder to get a result as using complementary activities (intellectual) to complement the personal satisfaction of achievement and recognition proposed by a game.

In Brazil there are 110 million Internet users active of which 39% access via mobile. The network traffic grew 109% in mobile access and currently represents 20% of total Brazilian internet.

In a survey conducted by Newzoo institute, Brazil has 35 million players is the equivalent of 76% of the active population on the Internet 10-65 years.

The study also showed that 35 million players in Brazil spend 10.7 hours a week playing.

In contrast, 2014 EADBR census data shows that the number of enrollments in digital courses, was just over 4 million.

What is more pleasurable?

More attractive?

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Technical Data

Restless tests were carried out to provide a final product of good quality to the end user.

There were many different devices used and tested versions, however, know that there is a multitude of handset models and configurations for this operating system and we testespodem have not been covered enough for all this diversisdade.In this way, "strongly recommend" that before you purchase one of our full versions, you make the installation of the free version (trial) in order to know the resources and expertise of compatibility with your device.

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Initially developed for Androids platforms with the main reference devices with screen resuloção equal to 1920x1080 (Samsung S4)

Screen orientation display: LandScape Left/Right auto rotation.

The following settings were used for the production of games in creation software:

Minimum API level:
  • Android 2.3.1 "GingerBread" (API level 9);
  • Android 2.3.3 "GingerBread" (API level 10);
  • Android 3.0 "HoneyComb" (API level 11);
  • Android 3.1 "HoneyComb" (API level 12);
  • Android 3.2 "HoneyComb" (API level 13);
  • Android 4 "Ice Cream Sandwich" (API level 14);
  • Android 4.0.3 "Ice Cream Sandwich" (API level 15);
  • Android 4.1 "Jelly Bean" (API level 16);
  • Android 4.2 "Jelly Bean" (API level 17);
  • Android 4.3 "Jelly Bean" (API level 18);
  • Android 4.4 "Kit Kat" (API level 19);
  • Android 5.0 "Lolipop" (API level 20);

Graphics level: Force Open GL ES 2.0

Android Tv Compatiblity

Android Game

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Terms of Use / Privacy Policy.



Technical Data